DeLclima's success is based on an effective, proven business model, positioning the company as a "Regional Champion", strongly differentiated and highly competitive against global players.  

Global Players



Global Geographical presence Targeted regions
RAC (Room air conditioning) e CAC (Commerical air conditioning) Served markets CAC (Commercial Air Conditioning) no RAC (Room Air Conditioning)
Global /large volume applications Targeted segments Selected
Wide not too deep Product Range deeper, highly configurable
extra large centrifugal chillers Key strengths Heat Pump/ low noise/high efficiency
complex and long, based on global platforms, global products and vertical integration Innovation cycle Agile / short
not available Custom tailoring integral part of business model
vertically Integrated / MAKE Production model System integrator / BUY, benefitting from scale economies of global suppliers
Direct and globally established market coverage Direct on main, selected markets / via distributing partners in other growing markets
global/ across segments Brand recognition Strong in key selected regions/segments, growing in other markets
global, established Service business Growing
applied to standard products LEAN manufactoring champion for Make-to-Order tailored