To promote highest energy efficiency and the most extensive use of renewable energy in ICC&R.



Our mission is deliver the most efficient, resilient and environmental conscious climate control solutions to our customers, superior return for our shareholders and a safe, rewarding working environment for our employees and partners.

We do this by growing a network of leading companies specialised in providing high efficiency, low carbon, innovative air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration technologies for comfort, process and data center applications.





  • Agile, incremental innovation process based on continuous improvement
  • Collaborative, networked R&D
  • Proven track of innovations in product design and control, supervision and optimization systems

Customer orientation:

  • Deepest range of highly configurable solutions
  • Custom made solutions when even highest configurability is not enough
  • Integrated vision of HVACR with the building
  • Highest On Time Delivery

Environmental respect

  • Committed to improved building performances
  • Focus on high energy efficiency
  • Pioneering extensive use of renewable in HVAC
  • Low environmental impact manufacturing and operations

Sustainable business growth

  • Sustained growth and returns as a key elements of a truly sustainable business approach
  • Solutions designed for lowest cost of ownership over the total life time of the system
  • Clear successful business strategy


  • Fairness and intellectual honesty
  • Structured corporate governance and ethics rules
  • Strong commitment to third party certifications forproduct performance, quality, health, safety and environment.