Responsibly managing the environmental, social and economical impacts of our companies' activities and solutions is the key element of DeLclima corporate responsibility and the best guarantee for delivering value sustainably and responsibly to our customers, employees and all of our stakeholders.

It's a belief that stems from the understanding that the economic, social and environmental choices we make as a corporation affect the lives of our shareholders, customers, employees and communities.

DeLclima core business is expressed by the Indoor Climate & Refrigeration (ICC&R) segments, final activities for the production and marketing of air conditioning machines for the service sector (Chillers, Heat Pumps, Air Handling Units, Control Systems) and for the refrigeration in industrial processes and IT cooling.

DeLclima is an entity that has been developed as the most responsible combination of energy efficiency, environmental respect and return on investment available on the market. An evolving entity where organic growth has been supported by targeted acquisitions of distribution and service companies. Thanks to these initiatives the holding has won major contracts throughout the world for shopping centers, airports and railway stations, offices and residential areas, hotels, theaters and sport centers. This distinction also comes from the ability to significantly contribute to the betterment of the energy class of buildings by keeping the technical room subsystems under control, the true heart of energy consumption in buildings, representing almost 25% of the total energy consumption.

Commercial success, where the strength implied in a mid-size holding did not play a secondary role, has started with the creation of a "multi-local" market with production in the target regions (Europe, China, India) to reduce logistic costs and lead time. The group has been very proficient at carving out a leading position in several very interesting segments in a market with good growth rates and high entry costs and barriers. This has been possible by concentrating on focus, investments in know-how and innovation, the care for business relationships, brand affirmation at a local level and on a system that renders DeLclima a more agile and quick entity with respect to its multinational competitors.



Companies and products certifications play a crucial role within DeLclima approach to quality, enhancing our care to comply with the regulations of the countries and markets where we operate.
The company is committed to a structured approach to the management of its activities, ensuring compliance with ISO:9001 in all its larger subsidiaries and production facilities.
The quality of its productions is guaranteed by quality control check along all manufacturing lines, as well as by assessing the respect of both mandatory and elective product certification also through the analysis of third party assessors.



DeLclima is committed to continuously improve the sustainability of its products and operations, hence contributing to the development of more sustainable HVAC and radiators industries. From product development to manufacturing, every decision is contemplated with the maximum care towards the intelligent use of resources, and carbon and noise emissions reduction.
This focus on the environment is completed by a particular care to sustainability in operations, proven by ISO 14001 certification is its mayor plants or the use of a large 2300Kwp solar panel installation in its most energy intensive factory. This choice reflects a Company strategy based on a business model focused on highest sustainability, extending from the traditional attention to energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact of the product, to the whole manufacturing process.



For DeLclima safety is a core element of the organizational culture and a fundamental aim of the Company. DeLclima is committed to prevent professional illnesses and injuries. The Group manages operations according to lean manufacturing principles, implemented with specific care related to safety and ergonomy. Each Company operates with its own Safety Management System compliant with laws and toward the goal of zero safety events.



At DeLclima we work to recognize and value all of our employees by planning development programs for each department. Being part of our team is an opportunity to enrich and strengthen personal skills, start or continue a career in an international environment, take part in challenging projects and make a difference.
We believe that teamwork is the winning approach and that it always allows us to improve ourselves; for these reasons we organize outdoor training for soft skills, language and practical lectures to advance technical competencies and six sigma courses to allow each employee to grow on a personal level.

Our training programs aim to elevate our resources and to assure higher competencies and quality to our stakeholders. Our ambition is that our people are able to enjoy a long and rewarding career in DeLclima. To support this we encourage and enable people to achieve their full potential: during last years we have worked a lot to be sensitive to our employees' needs, which allowed us to establish ad hoc services and welfare plans.



We realise the potential of our people to strengthen the community. We leverage our skills and position in the business community to impact on social change. Our people are committed to being responsible leaders by investing increasing amounts of time, money, and skills in long-term community projects.



Corporate Social Responsibility is also our commitment to operate in a financially, socially and economically sustainable manner, while acknowledging the interests of all of our stakeholders.
Our economic impact spans over customers, suppliers and society at large. That's why we have created strategies and corporate policies that help to embed corporate responsibility into our everyday operations.
We provide opportunities for our suppliers to better compete in the global economy by supporting initiatives to help them improve credit system thus increasing their financial security.
For example, through Reverse Factoring, we are able to optimise the payments processes and to help our suppliers to reach their financial goals granting an easy access to liquidity.



We are involved in a broad range of sponsorships and events. Our support reflects our values, has a positive impact on the diverse communities we serve and, ultimately, helps build our business. We do this through community investment programmes and sponsorships, selected based on community impact and social benefit. These contributions allow DeLclima Group to build relationships in communities and offer our employees meaningful ways to connect with each other.