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Financial Highlights

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Operating Companies

DeLclima designs, produces and markets innovative, energy efficient products and provides value added services for Indoor Climate Control in commercial buildings and for Refrigeration (ICC&R) of industrial processes and ICT applications through CLIMAVENETA and RC GROUP.




Lastest News

DeLclima rides the wave of change in retailing thanks to advanced HVAC systems


The world of retail is always testing new strategies to increase customer satisfaction and attract new ones. An efficient, flexible, advanced and reliable air conditioning system helps to achieve all this goal.

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Growing investment in green office buildings boosts DeLclima’s performance


A bunch of new projects worth 2 million highlight DeLclima’s excellent performance in the booming green building market.

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HVAC and HPAC DeLclima units installed at the nuclear cyclotron PET center laboratory in Beirut.


DeLclima, the leading European air conditioning group, has worked on over 200 healthcare real estate projects around the world, bringing over 40 years of experience in improving operational efficiency

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